PEMCO Limited Releases Valuation Package, AcuitySP

The long awaited Valuation services package, AcuitySP by PEMCO Limited, is finally available for Government, private and individual clients. With AcuitySP, PEMCO Limited clients can customize their package or take advantage of our full array of services placed to maximize the value of our clients’ assets.

AcuitySP conveys sharpness or keenness of thought, vision and hearing which perfectly defines PEMCO Limited’s ability to provide maximum performance as it pertains to our goal of hassle free valuations. The Acuity Service Package is the complete set of tools clients need to be efficient, accurate and stress free.

PEMCO Limited clients will benefit from a number of reports offered through AcuitySP including Rental Market Analysis, Property Condition Reports, Desktop Appraisals, etc.; as well as a full list of appraisals in order to fully understand the value of their assets.

PEMCO Limited is excited to release this package to the industry as AcuitySP is a bundle of services, thoroughly assembled to support our overall goal to provide real estate solutions that maximize the value of our clients’ assets.

Based in California, Hawaii, Georgia and Colorado; PEMCO Limited offers sound real estate focused management and marketing strategies to businesses looking for solutions that deliver brilliant results. Currently a preferred asset management contractor to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, PEMCO’s ability to apply extensive knowledge and exceptional customer service to individual clients, lending institutions and government clients makes PEMCO one of the industry’s leading real estate solutions companies.

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