We build solid interest for our clients while educating the professional and consumer communities.

Marketing and Training Programs

‘Creating interest, while educating the professional and consumer communities.’

Throughout PEMCO Limited’s 30-year history in real estate, we have developed cutting edge marketing solutions and training techniques using digital and traditional media. Our solutions are designed to build interest in our clients, while educating professional and consumer communities about real estate buying and selling, loan programs, homebuyer incentives, and disposition strategies. Our ability to do this stems from our partnership in community development programs and creating sales incentives.

We have combined the best of traditional and digital training techniques, to educate industry professionals and homebuyers. And as technology continues to evolve, so do PEMCO Limited’s training activities. This stems back to our mission to be recognized as the leading provider of world-class real estate solutions, achieving superior customer service through innovation and efficiency.

Training Programs
PEMCO Limited creates impactful and educational presentations. Our well-versed speakers deliver client specific training programs through live presentations and web-based technologies. These programs communicate crucial areas in property management and asset management success.

Our programs are up to date and include the latest methodologies and market research to ensure relevancy. PEMCO Limited is committed to building communities of educated homebuyers and real estate professionals.
Established Training Programs:

  • HUD Sales
  • Closing a HUD Contract
  • HUD Appraisals
  • Financing HUD Homes
  • Government Funded Programs
  • Real Estate Marketing

  • Financial Literacy
  • Buying a HUD Home
  • Utilizing Down Payment Assistance
  • Government Funded Programs
    Digital Marketing
    PEMCO Limited leads the market in online engagement strategies. Our utilization of social media clearly defines and markets our clients’ objectives. We deliver compelling and informative messages to our target audience through well-executed digital communications and marketing strategies. We actively educate our growing online networks by analyzing relevant opportunities using analytics to actively educate our growing online network community network about community engagement programs and professional education opportunities.

    While we are experts in asset management, property management and real estate in general, we understand the importance of marketing within the real estate industry, particularly in housing and urban development where community communication and engagement is critical in project delivery.

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