About PEMCO Limited

Asset Management and Valuation Experts

‘Teaming Up with a trusted property management company, PEMCO Limited.’

Recognized for results proven to maximize the value of our clients’ assets, PEMCO Limited operates with integrity; offering quality, customizable, real estate solutions to government, private and individual clients. We offer personalized, scalable asset management and real estate related solutions that maximize the potential value of the assets of our clients.

PEMCO Limited employs capable and intelligent property services representatives who are experts in portfolio management, granting us the ability to provide the uncompromised service that our customers and clients deserve and have grown to expect.

Our internal and external capabilities continue to flourish through our leaders, comprised of knowledgeable and versatile individuals who thoroughly grasp industry specifics as well as asset management processes. Initially a construction management company, PEMCO Limited has developed within the real estate industry, acting as one of the front-runners in the asset management and property services sectors.

To be recognized as the leading provider of world class real estate solutions, achieving superior customer service through innovation and efficiency.

PEMCO Limited continues to soar above and beyond the highest expectations, continuing to be the company of choice for substantial real estate solutions. Our presence in the industry, services and operations will expand globally.

To provide customized scalable real estate solutions that maximize the potential value of the assets for commercial, government, and individual clients.

Core Values
All individuals within the organization, from CEO to the extensions of our network, acknowledge and accept full responsibility for their actions, decisions, conduct and policies, as a result; PEMCO Limited ensures our purpose to provide customized, scalable asset management solutions that maximize the potential value of the assets for and relationships with commercial, government and individual clients.

In all professional proceedings and business relations, PEMCO Limited works as an institution with an assured reliance on character, integrity, stability, knowledge and performance.

Through focused vision and a dedicated strategy, PEMCO Limited is committed to making a positive and infinitely valuable impact on the industry and the lives of every representative of our organization.

Accentuating the best interests of our clients and customers, partners and employees; PEMCO Limited incorporates a sense of allegiance among our internal operations which resonates throughout all external interactions.

Knowledge and Expertise
Our leaders possess, share and emphasize experience, perspective and information to cultivate a mindset of continual improvement for the growth and betterment of the company, staff, our clients and customers, and our industry partners.

Achievement and Effectiveness
Our ability to continue to grow and thrive as a sustainable company is directly related to our commitment in our daily endeavors as well as through market fluctuations.

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