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‘Industry leading Real Estate Valuations’

Getting your appraisals and inspections on time without errors can be challenging if you don’t have the right partner. In addition, submitting your appraisal orders convenient to your existing business processes is important. That’s why PEMCO Limited created the PEMCO Valuations division, your go-to for professionally executed appraisals.

Having already supplied nationwide appraisal management services to government clients with stringent requirements, PEMCO Limited created the PEMCO Valuations division to deliver top of the line appraisal products, management and valuation solutions to banks, lenders and credit unions with the same basic principles in mind: customizable services, thorough review processes, and quick turn times.

PEMCO Valuations is the complete set of tools you need to be efficient, accurate and stress free.

Trusted Real Estate Valuations
Since 2004, PEMCO Limited has managed over 166,500 valuations. Our appraisal management process is detailed, strategic, and customizable – allowing us to provide our clients with the convenience of a partner that consistently meets and exceeds all of their needs.

Our appraisal management services include appraisal orders, a 3 step review process and submission, broker use of the appraisal value for marketing and the appraisal’s use for lending purposes. This detailed process gives us the ability to present clean and accurate appraisals, as well as meticulously detailed reports that are convenient to your existing business processes. PEMCO Valuations is comprised of the tools needed for an efficient, accurate and stress free appraisal management process.

What we offer:

  • Efficient appraisal management processes that provide the winning combination of accurate and on time appraisals.
  • A wide range of appraisal products and valuations services to best fit your needs.
  • 100% manual review backed by a multi-point automated review checklist to further ensure compliance and conformity.
  • An array of integration capabilities including Platinum Data Solutions Real View, Encompass, RealEC, Mercury Network, Quick Books, UCDP, and Authorize.net.
  • Fannie Mae Collateral Underwriter ™ (CU™) report review to address compliance and regulation needs and UCDP® Submission Summary Reports.
  • Customized services that preserve your internal processes.
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