We are GSA approved.

GSA Schedule

‘Trusted asset management and real estate experts.’

Organizations that have been approved to sell to the United States Government through the US General Services Administration (GSA) are known to be GSA approved. The GSA is the purchasing department of the US Government. This department lists contracts or schedules that potential vendors can bid on to win government business.

Approval is a non-industry specific status for organizations that manufacture products or provide services that the US Government uses.

There are strict criteria that companies must adhere to if they are to become GSA approved. These criteria include but not limited to obtaining a DUNS number, registering in the government’s SAM (System for Award Management) and providing previous customer contact information as a means for the GSA to perform a past performance evaluation.

Safest Real Estate Solutions on the market
By holding a GSA license, clients may rest assured that PEMCO Limited offer some of the safest real estate solutions on the market.

Our GSA approval also extends to business and finance solutions. Clients need to know that their assets are in safe hands and managed to their specifications and in their best interests.

Front-runners in Asset Management
From the executive team to our vendor network, PEMCO Limited is dedicated to the outstanding success of our clients. This means we have built trust and positions us as one of the front-runners in the asset management areas.

Our default real estate and property solutions include:

PEMCO Limited holds one GSA contract and, since 2009, we have been approved to facilitate the following services:

GSA Financial and Business Solutions FABs 520 Contract

  • Number: GS-23F-0033V 520-1 Program Financial Advisor 520-2
  • Transaction Specialist: 520-3 Due Diligence and Support
  • Services: 520-5 Loan Servicing
  • Asset Management: 520-21 Program Management Services
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