PEMCO Limited Appoints Kimiko Yamamoto CEO, President



PEMCO Limited appointed Kimiko Yamamoto to President and CEO on May 3, 2016, a role previously held by PEMCO Limited’s Owner and Founder, John Yamamoto, for over 30 years. Prior to this announcement, Ms. Yamamoto held the role of President and COO since 2008.

During her 20-year career with PEMCO Limited, Yamamoto oversaw PEMCO Limited’s successful HUD Management and Marketing contracts beginning in 1996. At the peak of PEMCO Limited’s 10 year stretch as a HUD M&M Asset Management Contractor, PEMCO covered 26 states and operated out of 4 offices with an average of 40 employees in each office to provide cradle to grave asset management for an inventory of over 100,000 properties. During this time, Yamamoto was responsible for orchestrating and overseeing internal processes and the mobilization of the California, Colorado and Georgia branch offices. Previous to the HUD Contract, Kimiko Yamamoto was involved in high-rise building and construction management.

Recently, Yamamoto has been instrumental in diversifying PEMCO Limited’s service offerings to include residential real estate transactions through PEMCO Realty, California Valuations and AMC services, and increased real estate related government contracting opportunities through their new division, Government and Financial Institutional Services.

“We’ve had a series of positive changes occur in the past year and those changes reflect strategies that will ensure we provide the highest level of client satisfaction,” said Yamamoto. “PEMCO Limited has built a name in real estate recognized for quality. That is something that won’t ever change,” she added.

Yamamoto is also heavily involved in various real estate related organizations and non-profits and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Hawaii Autism Foundation, Neighborhood Stabilization Capital Management, and Hawaiian Springs Water and is a Trustee for the Oahu, Hawaii Chapter of the Awesome Foundation.

Based in Hawaii, California, Colorado and Georgia, PEMCO Limited is a national company that provides personalized, scalable property asset management and real estate related solutions that maximize the potential value for their clients’ assets. With over 30 years of experience in real estate and construction management, PEMCO Limited is primed to deliver quality service and expertise to government, private, and individual clients.


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