Investing In and Stabilizing Our Neighborhoods as a Joint Effort  

NS Capital Management helping families get back into wealth-building game

Neighborhood stabilization and homeowner retention have been strengthened with investment fund Neighborhood Stabilization Capital Management (NS Capital). NS Capital is comprised of individuals from public, private and non-profit sectors whose purpose is to acquire real estate and mortgage-related debt. NS Capital sees the aftermath of the 2007 housing correction evolving to where families and the economy could be impacted for generations. Because of institutional investing and tight credit boxes, some of the middle-class and low-income families are being excluded from the opportunity to participate in wealth-building via home price appreciation; NS Capital is committed to helping these families by creating portfolio loan products and helping them get back into homeownership.

NS Capital is majority owned by Washington, DC-based non-profit, The Home Preservation Exchange (HPE). The HPE serves as the strategic bridge between private, non-profit and public entities in jump starting neighborhood stabilization. Aggregating investor and state participation to bid on FHA-sold pooled notes, HPE allows pre-vetted investors to access notes that meet specific criteria.


  • NS Capital buys from banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, aggregators and private equity firms.
  • HPE buys from the FHA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and state governments


NS Capital Attributes

  • Fund manager has 25 years of industry experience in REO disposition, capital markets, servicing, acquisition and trading.
  • Can source investment opportunities throughout a large network.
  • Has deep trading and risk management experience with loan portfolio management.
  • Management has established partnerships for managing all facets of the investment portfolio.
  • Fund’s risk management technology allows transparency, accountability and strategy driving ability.
  • Proven with the management of $1 billion of high risk, distressed residential mortgages.



Sharon Pratt, former mayor of Washington, D.C. and now co-founder and board member of NS Capital, has deep relationships with federal and state level government. The NS Capital team meets regularly with high level government officials drafting solutions and strategies as well as offering insight into the distressed industry.

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