Successfully Selling HUD Homes

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Learn How to Successfully Sell & Market HUD Homes. Join Online Event on Tuesday 10/19/21 at 11AM Pacific Time at

Learn how to sell HUD Homes in HUD M&M 3.7, including the recent implementation of E-Signatures on HUD Contracts. Whether you’ve sold HUD Homes before or are considering expanding your capabilities for your customers, this class will keep you current and help you become successful in HUD Sales today. The Successfully Selling HUD Homes class presents the dynamics of M&M 3.7, the bidding site, bidding periods and addresses everything from advertising to contracts to closing.

In addition to learning general information about HUD, its properties and the HUD Sales Process, attendees will learn:

  • E-Signatures on HUD Contracts
  • Who can buy HUD properties
  • How to register with HUD
  • How to navigate the HUD listing site
  • How to market, advertise, and show HUD Homes
  • How to write a HUD Sales contract
  • How “priority bidding” works
  • and much more

For more information about the event or location, please contact
Keller Williams Tacoma
Matthew Harber
Phone: 253-682-6362

This class has been developed by PEMCO Limited, who is contracted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to market and manage the sale of HUD-owned properties.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.