PEMCO Limited is Looking for Agents Providing a Variety of Default Services Nationwide

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Immediate need in the northeastern U.S. for non-HUD assets

PEMCO Limited is pleased to announce that we’re expanding our existing agent network. We are currently looking for experienced real estate agents from around the country, with an immediate need for agents in the northeastern U.S., that wish to provide a variety of default services on PEMCO Limited-managed properties.

We welcome agents that offer the following services to apply:

  • Broker Price Opinions
  • Occupancy Inspections
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Property Preservation
  • Property Inspections
  • Residential Listing Services
  • In order to register to be considered to work with PEMCO Limited, you must visit and submit an application. If you are navigating from the home page, you will find our new application form under the “Opportunities” tab. If you previously submitted an application in our old system, please resubmit via our new platform.

    We would like to give you a few tips for submitting your information.

  • One application per Real Estate Firm. Please check with your broker and ask them to submit an application for this opportunity. The application requires the Firm’s Tax ID so have that ready when you go to submit.
  • Please have the zip codes you cover and services you provide ready to submit a complete application. You will not be able to amend your application after submission so make sure you have that coverage area ready.
  • Please have a copy of your Broker’s License, General Liability Insurance, W-9, and references ready. These are required to be uploaded at time of submission.
  • After you submit your application, your information will be transferred into our management site.  If we have an opportunity in your coverage area, you may be contacted to become an active agent for PEMCO Limited.  Our system will generate assignments based on your office location in relation to the assignments, this is why it’s very important that your zip code-based coverage area information is accurate at the time of submission.


    What if I have trouble submitting my application or have questions?

    Please contact our customer service department at 1.800.881.9260 and they will be happy to walk you through the process.

    Is this a solicitation to be a HUD Listing Broker?

    No, this is not. We are currently looking for agents to service our non-HUD assets. If there are HUD opportunities we will utilize this site as well so visit it for any new updates.

    Will you contact us to give an application status?

    No, we will not contact every applicant and we cannot provide a status of your application. We can ensure you that once we have your information in our system, you will be considered and potentially contacted when an opportunity arises in your area.

    Do you know when I will be contacted for an assignment? 

    No, there is no definite time frame nor is there any guarantee that you will be contacted.  PEMCO Limited is expanding across the country and cannot guarantee when we will need or which services we will need.  What we can tell you is that our client base is rapidly growing and we’ll need brokers to support this growth.

    How do I know that my information was submitted correctly?

    After submitting your information online you will receive a confirmation message.  If you try to submit again it won’t let you because your tax ID is already on file.  This confirms that you are in our system.

    Do I need my broker’s permission to apply?

    Yes, you should submit this application with the expressed consent of your broker.  The application will require the broker’s tax ID and that they elect you as the point of contact.  In the event your brokerage is chosen to work with PEMCO Limited, your broker will have to execute PEMCO Limited’s service agreement.

    Can multiple people within my office apply?

    No, PEMCO Limited establishes the relationship with the broker and their brokerage.  It is up to the broker as to whom they assign as the point of contact and assign the work to.   The system will prevent the submission of multiple applications by restricting applications based on the tax ID number.

    Can I update my zip codes at a later date after I apply? 

    No, your submission is finalized after you submit your application.  Please be prepared to submit a complete application that includes all your correct coverage areas and services offered.

    What is business designation?  How do I know if I qualify?

    PEMCO Limited believes in supporting supplier diversity.  There are different rules and regulations for certifying the various designations listed on our page.  Please perform your due diligence to ensure that you can properly certify the designation chosen in the event it is necessary in the future.

    Can I start the application and come back later?

    No, it is necessary to complete your submission at one time.  Please have all your profile information ready along with IRS W-9, valid broker’s license, proof of current general liability insurance, and references when you submit.

    I am having problems loading the application, is it a browser issue?

    Yes, it is possible your computer is running an outdated version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. The application is designed to work with all versions of the browsers with the exception of very old versions. Make sure that you have enabled automatic browser updating. The application was also not designed to be completed on a mobile device, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll have a successful submission; please complete on your computer if you have issues with your mobile device.

    When entering my tax ID should I include the dash?

    No, do not include the dash when entering your nine digit tax ID.  The field is restricted to 9 digits so if you include the dash you will submit an incomplete tax ID.

    I was entering my zip codes and one of my zip codes was not available for selection, can this be corrected?

    The zip codes pull directly from our management system we use for assignments.  If a zip code was newly created in your area it may not have been added to our system yet.  We cannot update your submission, however if we need coverage in that area, we would look for vendors that are servicing nearby zip codes.


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